How to Order: The company receives orders daily by fax or telephone at 210 4839054 – 210 4826640 – 210 4833996 – 2104818233 or by email at the day before, or via viber on 6930994249.


Emergency phone number: 6930/994249

Delivery: The delivery is from Sunday afternoon to Friday morning, at the agreed time, in your store. Transport, when the weather conditions require it, is done by a refrigerated truck so that our products are delivered to the desired situation.


Quality – Rates: Collaborations within and outside of Greece provide us with the confidence that we can meet your needs for the best quality and market prices, as well as ensure the completeness of our products throughout the year.


Cooperation: In the context of the right and long-term cooperation we aim at, our company is willing to replace that it does not cover you qualitatively and is always at your disposal when you need it.